Given the harsh realities and poverty-stricken families these students are from, we believe it is extremely important that in addition to theoretical education, we provide opportunities for students to receive positive recognition, make positive contributions, spend time in environments in which teamwork is encouraged, and get help learning new skills that they may find valuable in their lives.

To achieve this, we strive to make classroom learning as fun as much it is possible through activity-based learning. Some of the activities and initiatives are taken include:

  • Participation in community service programs, student enrichment training, etc.
  • Initiation of general knowledge quizzes, Spelling Bee competitions, debate, art, story & poem writing competitions, science & social studies project day, pet day, and show and tell during a school assembly.
  • Field trips to Mohatta Palace, Jinnah House, Frere Hall, dolphin show, sea view, zoo, etc
  • Participation in Dawn’s Spelling Bee, Children’s Literature Festival, art festivals, storytelling sessions, etc
  • Annual Sports Day and school function comprising students taboo and awards distribution
  • Introduction to speakers and professionals from various backgrounds such as environmentalists, pilots, social activists, writers, photographers, etc

All these activities are a novelty for these children and have been seen making a positive impact in terms of the learning and thinking capability of these young minds

One initiative that the children of our school strongly believed in the undertaking was to show solidarity with the victims of Army Public School, Peshawar after the deadly attack on the school in December 2014. The children, just like the whole nation were devastated, and to condemn such a heinous act undertook a peaceful march around the neighborhood and drew sketches, and made posters to express their feelings.